Welcome to Kandy’s Keepsakes!

Welcome to Kandy’s Keepsakes where you will find an array of art and handcrafted items.  I hope you will enjoy the new blog format.  I think it will be a nice improvement from the traditional website style.   The “post comment” feature is great!  So use it!  I love to hear what you think. 

From rubber stamped greeting cards and scrapbook pages to beaded jewelry and who knows what all, my art is constantly changing.  🙂  Please check my site often and please forward it to all your family and friends!

2 responses to “Welcome to Kandy’s Keepsakes!

  1. LOVE the blog!! Your stories are great along with the nice cards!! Sorry to hear about all the water, we were lucky that the sump kept working!! …Great web site! becky

  2. What a GREAT idea, Kandi! I wouldn’t even know where to begin to make a site like this, but it is wonderful! I LOVE the accordian book idea!

    Hope you are having a good summer!

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