Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

“Let’s Eat!” Greeting Card

I made this card for my mom.  She and my littelest brother came over yesterday for dinner and I grilled pork chops on my new charcoal grill.  It was the second time that I had used it.  It all went very smoothly and dinner was great, but I can’t say that about the first time that I used it.   Last Monday on Memorial Day I had my mom and grandmother out for a cook out to use my brand new charcoal grill!  The night before Bert and I stayed up late putting the grill together.  The next morning I was so excited to use it.  I could hardly wait for Mom and Grandmother to arrive.  Bert and I set the grill up in the back yard and when Mom got here I was ready with charcoal in hand for her to help me get it going. 

Yes, I am 35 years old and didn’t know how to work a charcoal grill.  I had only used gas grills.  Mom explained to me how to lay out the briquets and then she asks, “Where’s the starter fluid?”.  I look at her confused and ask, “What…?”.  She just looked at me in that motherly way and explains, “The starter fluid, to get the flames started, to get the charcoal lit?”  I replied, “Don’t you just use a match?”  With her unending patience, Mom requested paper to put under the coals.  After 45 minutes and several attempts (because the wind kept blowing the fire out), I was getting frustrated.  Plus, the kids kept asking, “When are the hot dogs going to be done?” 

I finally did get the coals started.  Then, of course, you have to wait about 20 minutes or so for them to heat up.  So an hour and a half later I finally could say, “LET’S EAT!”  (I also put starter fluid on my grocery list.) 🙂

This card was easy to make.  I used the green from The Angel Company’s Cha Cha cardstock and a patterned piece from the Cha Cha 12×12 Cardstock Collection.  I just love the vibrant colors.  They reminded me of the hot coals and flames.  Then I used the vintage Stampin’ Up! set Bar-B-Que Fun to stamp the grill and “Let’s Eat!” on a Ivory cardstock panel with Noir Palette Ink.  I distressed the edges of the Ivory panel and used the “direct to paper” method to apply Landscape Palette Ink to the edges.  I adhered it to the card base using Pop Dots.  I cut out the stamped hamburger and hot dog and adhered them with Pop Dots also.  It is a simple card and I know my mom will love it.

  • Set: Bar-B-Que Fun (Stampin’ Up!)
  • Paper: Cha Cha 12×12 Cardstock Collection, Cha Cha cardstock, Ivory cardstock (The Angel Company)
  • Ink: Noir (Black), Landscape, Haystack, Cognac and Burnt Umber Palette Ink (The Angel Company)
  • Accessories: Pop Dots (The Angel Company)