Scraps Bookmarks

I made these cute little book marks today using jumbo (3-1/2 inches long) paper clips.  I purchased the clips from Wal-mart in the office supply section.  This is a very easy project.  I used various punches.

I punched my shape once in light weight chipboard and twice in decorative cardstock.  I used glue stick to adhere one decorative cardstock to the chipboard.  Then I attached my embellishments (paper flowers and pastel princess brads) to the other piece of cardstock before adhering it to the chipboard.  I used rubber cement to attach the two sides together with the paperclip in between.  Rubber cement now comes acid free, which I love for this type of project because of its quick “tackiness” and fast drying.  Other glues didn’t hold well around the paper clip or I had to hold the piece for forever waiting for the glue to set. 

Once the rubber cement set I tied one or two pieces of ribbon around the clip for once last decorative touch.  🙂

All supplies (except paper clips) from The Angel Company.

9 responses to “Scraps Bookmarks

  1. They’re super cute.

  2. Thank you so much. Are you a book mark collector?

  3. A collector…no. I’ve cross stitched a few bookmarks…and made one or two from patterned paper and chipboard. These are so cute….I smile when I see them 🙂 I may have to lift your idea and make a few myself. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love the bookmarks kandy…i’m going to make these in “halloween style” for katie’s 3rd grade class party for the treat bags

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  7. i love this book markers. they’re really cute.

    i set a link to your post at my blog.
    i hope, you’ll agree.
    if not, please leave a message.



  8. Hi Kandy,

    I used your picture just as a bookmark picture and had so much response, I thought I would share the response with you, next time I will have to post your link.

  9. These are adorable and just what I need to use with my wedding promo packages. Do you sell them somewhere? Or are you willing to sell them? I could use 20-30 of them.
    Let me know!

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