Organizing Your Crafts

I found a good article today with tips for organizing your crafting materials.  As we all know, stampers and scrappers have tons of items to organize and little things tend to get lost in the stamping or scrapping clutter.  It is always best to stay on top of clutter control before it gets over whelming.  Lisa Lelas compiled the tips for this article.  Here is the link…  

My favorite tip is using empty pizza boxes to store drying items.  Now, I wouldn’t recylce the used box for stamping projects (too greasy), but I’m sure if you’d ask, your local pizzeria would let you have a couple of boxes for free.  And what about the smaller personal sized pizza boxes for smaller projects? Great idea!! 🙂  Thank you Lisa!

2 responses to “Organizing Your Crafts

  1. Some other great “free” craft containers are the boxes your check books come in. They can serve as wonderful drawer dividers to keep smaller items organized and empty plastic egg cartons can be wiped clean and then with the lid cut off sit nicely in a drawer to hold your beads or small scrapbook ornaments or with the lid left on work well on a shelf. I love the clear ones because you can easily see what you have.

  2. More great ideas!!! Thanks so much Joan!!

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