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Returning from My Escape


Escape was wonderful!  The new “magalogue”, Serendipity, was revealed.  It is beautiful.  It goes live on February 2nd!!  It is called a “magalogue” because it is part magazine and part catalogue.  It is chock-full of awesome new stamps and inspiring ideas.  I can’t wait to get it into your hands. 

As I said, Escape was wonderful.  The Texas weather was lovely.  It was hard coming back to the snow and cold winds here in Indy.  I had so much fun and loved seeing everyone.  Several of my friends have asked me how my trip was and all I can say is, “The Angel Company ROCKS!!!”  They had such awesome projects.  Below is a card we made by stamping on muslin and coloring it in with colored pencils.  The image is from one of the new stamps sets in Serendipity called Fleur Birdies.


I will display more “make and takes” over the next week or so.  I got tons of new ideas and some new twists on the old ones.  We got so many gifts, stamp sets, cardstock collections and door prizes to take home.  Just when I think The Angel Company can’t get any more generous, they go and prove me wrong.  Two Angels won all forty-seven sets from the new magalogue.  It was unbelievable!

Here I am at the “make and take” tables stamping my little heart out.

Me Stamping

And here is The Angel Company’s founder and CEO, Mischelle Smith, and her right-hand woman, Debbie, sporting their sassy pink scarves.  They gave us all similar scarves to sport.

Mischelle and Debbie

Mischelle and Debbie

Mischelle and Debbie both have there own blogs.  You can visit Michelle’s blog to get the full scoop from Escape.  Plus, she always show cases amazing TAC projects.  Debbie’sblog is full of inspirational quotes andheart-felt thoughts.  I highly recommend both of them.