Back Pack Tags

Back Pack Tags from Kandy's Keepsakes

Back Pack Tags from Kandy's Keepsakes

I made these back pack tags for the boys in my daughter’s pre-school class.  They started out as laminate counter top samples.  I came across a bunch that were just going to be thrown away.  So I sat down and decided to make these…

They measure 2 x 3 inches.  I cut coordinating scrapbook paper to the proper size and adhered them with Quick Dry paper glue.  I trimmed around the corners with scissors and used a sanding block to remove any uneven edges.  I used walnut ink around each edge of the tag to give it a finished edge.  Once the walnut ink was dry I applied the star and nascar or Spiderman stickers.  I stamped each child’s name on vanilla cardstock and dragged the edges of the cardstock in red ink and adhered them to the tag.  Next I added the binder ring and lastly added the ribbon for decoration.

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