Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

Anne’s Baby Bird Mini Scrapbook

Bird's Scrapbook Cover

I changed the banner today in honor of all the snow we’ve gotten here in Indiana.  Brrr… I love snow if I can enjoy it from inside my house. 🙂  But if I have to get out in it, like today, it makes me long for spring.  So… I thought I would showcase this scrapbook I made for my daughter.  She loves nature.  Birds, critters, bugs, reptiles, etc.  She’s been that way from the beginning.  When she was 16 months old we had a robin’s nest full of babies in our dinning room window and she absolutely fell in love with them.  She would beg to go out and see them.  I took pictures every couple of days as they grew all the while trying not to disturb the mother too much.  Anne loves to take the pictures out to look at them after the birds had long flown away.  So I finally sat down and put them in this little scrapbook for her.

Bird Scrapbook p.1

I used the Pemberley Bay Matchbook Kit from The Angel Company.  It is super easy to put together.  It is 100 pound premium, double-sided cardstock.   It is very sturdy for all the handling that mini scrapbooks get.  And, all the pieces are perforated so it is a snap to put together.  It includes all the tags, journaling labels and cardstock accents that you see here plus plenty more that I didn’t use and can save for another project.  It has a total of 7 insert pages.  I only used 4.  The only thing I added was the scrapper’s floss, ribbon, brads and buttons.

It has a very versatile color palette.  It can be used for masculine or feminine themed projects.  But it was perfect for this robin’s nest and beautiful eggs.

And as I said, it was a snap to put together.  I got the full project done in under 2 hours.  Most of that time was spent on picture placement.  If you would like one to put together just email me (kandy@kandyskeepsakes.com) and I can get one {or two, or three 🙂 } out to you.  If you don’t have the time to get it done, check out My Etsy Store.  I have some all ready assembled for you.  All you have to do is add your own pictures.