We Are Back Home…

We are back home and WOW!! what a wonderful trip.  It was so much fun!  American Girl spoiled us rotten!  The events were wonderful and the girls received tons of gifts!  They got prizes going into the events and prizes leaving the events.  There were 3 and 4 events each day!  Plus, there was an extra special prize on their beds each night before they went to bed!  Here are just a couple of picures out of the 650 that we took.  You will notice that the girls were the “Queens of the Matching” dolly and girl outfits. 

Here we are in the airport traveling to Miami where the ship sailed from.

Here are the girls with their dolls on the deck of the ship.

The days at port were awesome!  Here we are just into port at Puerto Rico.

Here are the girls on the beach at St. Maarten.

Here are the girls snorkeling at St. Kitts.

The American Girl events were phenomenal!  The activities were fabulous!  But I think the high light for us mothers was meeting the authors.  We are both avid readers and are raising our daughters to be the same way.  I am always amazed at the talent of authors… to take you to places you’ve never been and to introduce you to characters that broaden your imagination.  This is the author of Good Luck, Ivy.  As you can see Ivy is one of Anne’s dolls.  Lisa Yee has also written several other AG books.  You can visit her blog here.  She even pictured my girl friend and I on her blog.  How cool is that!

Another author that was present was Valerie Tripp.  She wrote several of the historical character novels (Felictiy, Kit, Molly, Josephina…).  Which are my favorite.  If they would’ve had these dolls when I was little I would have had Felicity.  I LOVE her stories.  A graciouse, sweet lady.

We also got to meet Mary Casanova.  She has written stories for the girl of the year dolls… Chrissa, Jess and this years 2012 doll McKenna.  All 3 ladies were so warm, gracious and kind.  They took the time individually and answered so many questions.

The food was amazing!  Here we are at our Thanksgiving dinner.

There was also a room set aside called the American Girl Lounge where girls could lounge around reading and doing crafts.

The last event was the American Girl’s 25th Birthday Celebration.  That cake was so huge!  The cupcakes were so yummy.  There were also treats and dancing.  The final gift was also revealed… each girl was receiving the 2012 Doll of the Year, McKenna!  You should have heard all the squeals and screams.

Here is one final picture of the girls with all their loot.  Thank goodness we each brought an extra suit case and that AG gave us another one. 🙂  Well, it’s hard to believe it is all over.  The week went by so fast… too fast.

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