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Busy Summer

I’ve had a very busy summer with work and kids activities.  It is so hard to believe that summer vacation is over.  My last post was in March and it was about shopping with my daughter at a rubber stamp convention.  By mid day she had a fever and upset stomach.  Little did we know she was going to have to have an appendectomy.  Wow! How things can change in an instant.  She was in so much pain.  She quickly recovered once it was removed and she hardly even talks about it now.  We also had summer sports and vacation “day trips”.  All this “busy-ness” made our summer fly by.  Now school has started this week.  What happened to the lazy days of summer like when I was a kid?

During all our “busy-ness” I have taken on a new hobby.  I have been rescuing vintage items from various places (garage sales, thrift stores) and trying to find new homes for them. 🙂  I love all these old items that are beautiful pieces of art.  It pains me to see them being thrown away.  The casserole dish pictured above is a prime example of some of my lovely finds.  It is a vintage milk glass Arcopal France casserole dish.  The design pattern is called “French Hens”.  Isn’t it lovely?  What really makes me smile is my 8 year old daughter has taken an interest in helping me find things.  It is awesome to see the bug being passed to her.  If you’re interested in seeing our latest finds you can check out my Etsy Store.  I’m listing items almost daily. 

I’ve also been busy creating new greeting cards, notebooks, journals and various other art pieces.  I’ve been taking my paper arts to a new level and been experimenting with mixed media painting.  It is so much fun.  I can’t wait to share it all.