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Spec-TAC-ular Savings!

January 6thJanuary 26th, 2009  
Start the new year with a fresh, new, never-before-offered promotion by

The Angel Company™!
From January 6-26, Choose ANY T-coded merchandise in the Fall/Winter Inspiration Book & Catalogue for 50% off the regular retail price!!!
Whether you choose 1 set or 20,

each and every T-coded stamp set that you choose is half-price!
Begin 2009 with a fresh, new stash of the stamp sets that have been on your wish list

• Please note that due to the special nature of this promotion, stamp set packaging type and quantity may vary from typical packaging.
• No other special offers or discounts apply.
• Orders must be received by 5:00 PM CSTJanuary 26  for orders received via e-mail, USPS, or fax.
• AngelNet orders must be received by midnight CST January 26.
• Promotional discounts will not apply to orders placed before January 6 or after January 26.
• ”Spec-TAC-ular Savings” orders are commissionable.
• R-Coded stamp sets are not included as part of this promotion.
• Please expect shipping delays during this promotional period.
• ”Spec-TAC-ular Savings” promotional discount does not apply toward SOTM or vintage stamps